oncology & hospice care

oncology and hospice bodywork

bodywork for people dealing with cancer
and other serious illnesses,

 and at the end of life
A specialized approach to help alleviate symptoms, feel good, and affirm life
A particularly interesting and rewarding part of my practice is working with people experiencing serious illness, and at the end of their lives.  I’ve trained in oncology massage and hospice massage, and I find that my natural bodywork style is well-suited to people in weakened conditions, because of my emphasis on listening and sensitivity, often using gentle techniques that aim to resonate with the body without disturbing it.  

Oncology massage

oncology bodywork

Oncology massage is a relatively new area of specialization within the bodywork field, cognizant of the special needs, cautions, and contra-indications of the person who is dealing with cancer.

It used to be thought that cancer itself was a contraindication for massage, but now it is understood that gentle, modified massage can be a safe and important support and life-enhancer for the cancer patient and survivor, as well as for others in fragile, even life-threatening condition.
Massage can help ease physical, mental, and emotional symptoms, and improve quality of life.   After being treated to overcome illness; massage will treat you to feel better.I am more experiential than scientifically oriented, but if you want more “hard” information (like scientific research, studies and statistics, etc) about massage for people with cancer, here is a link to the bibliography page of Tracy Walton, a specialist on the subject.  http://www.tracywalton.com/bibliography/clinical.html
Hospice bodywork
end of life (hospice) care

Gentle touch can help comfort people at the end of life.  It can help relieve physical symptoms, ease anxiety, and give an experience of pleasure and relaxation in the midst of major transition.  People receiving end-of-life care often look forward to their bodywork session as the high point of their day.

Home visits are available for hospice bodywork.  Chair or table massage for caregivers and loved ones can also be incorporated into the home visit.  I can also bring a harp and play it to create a more spacious and receptive atmosphere (I’m a professional harpist: www.newyorkharpist.com).

Call or email to inquire about your particular needs.

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