broad scope

It’s difficult to discuss my work, because it is so wide-ranging in scope, and varies so much from person to person, and even from session to session.

It’s not massage, although I have a massage license.  Massage works primarily with the muscles;  I work directly with muscles, fascia, joints, bones, organs, nervous system, fluid tides, energy, field, movement, emotions, imagery, personal history, states of consciousness…  I don’t necessarily touch on every dimension in every session, or even with every person.   But I, Janet, engage with you.

Sometimes I work primarily with the physical, and sometimes I work more subtly (eg, with energy, or life issues), depending on what shows up.  However, the basis of my work is the mysterious body — my portal into the full dimensionality of a person.  The “body-mind connection” is not an abstract concept to me; it’s palpable.  And although I work on a massage table, I like to work with my clients fully, comfortably clothed.

uncommon experiences…

This kind of bodywork is also hard to describe because it often entails experiences that are not common, day-to-day experiences.  Of course, that’s what makes it so interesting!   How to talk about subtle experiences of energy?  Shifts of consciousness?  deep tides within the body?  What integration feels like?  It’s not easy if we don’t share a common frame of reference, and these experiences can feel new to many, or if not new, rarely attended to and talked about.

Want to know more?  Go to the “exploring embodiment” page.

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