I’m Janet King, and I practice bodywork on Long Island, New York.

I’ve been in the bodywork field since 1986, with special interests in bodywork for people dealing with cancer, trauma, and other challenging conditions; and bodywork for people simply seeking a deeper connection with their bodies.

a human being is a whole universe

 My aim is to help you experience a deeper, more comfortable relationship with your body, imbued with greater awareness and personal meaning.

We can target a specific issue – a challenge to physical or emotional health; or, recovery from trauma such as an accident, surgery, or abuse – or we can just explore.

My work features various influences, particularly biodynamic cranial work, yoga therapy, polarity, and the importance of relationship.  However, in essence it’s not about applying techniques.  It’s simply a conversation – using hands, words, and feeling – about what’s going on, in search of what feels good and meaningful.

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