exploring embodiment

exploring embodiment

Want to know more about my work?  Read on…

My aim is to help you experience a deeper, more comfortable relationship with your body, imbued with greater awareness and personal meaning.  That can mean:

  • seeking to soften muscles and open joints...in penetrating exploration of the structures and movements of muscles, fascia, and joints with seeing, sensing hands, in pursuit of fluidity and easy responsiveness, via massage, traction, stretching, range of motion, gentle jostling (call and response), and unwinding.
  • slowing down and making more space…  We’ll slow things down.  We’ll stretch out time…  We’ll make more space within joints, between structures, and we’ll create openness and spaciousness throughout the body.
  • amplifying and integrating energy… Where energy feels weak, I’ll encourage it.  Where it feels too localized and isolated, I’ll seek to re-integrate it into a larger field.  I want the energy throughout your system to feel large, open, and free-flowing.
  • creating a deep sense of rest… Deep rest brings a shift in consciousness, and opening to heal what needs healing.  Deep rest is typically accompanied by quiet and spaciousness within the mind, body, and in the room; feeling secure and well-connected with the environment.
  • connecting physical experience with emotion, life stories, and personal meaning.  We’ll talk, and notice how things feel.
  • listening to the body‘s deepest, most encompassing, and most poignant experiences – the living expressions of fascia, tides, and energy; and the physicality of emotions, imagery, and states of consciousness – with patient, receptive hands.
  • giving attention to the quality of our relationship as we go along: tracking the natural ebb and flow of contact and boundary; tracking the ways we connect, and at times don’t connect, when we’re together.

my work is distinguished by

Listening hands

I listen with patient, receptive hands, as well as working actively/dynamically.   I listen to everything: skin, muscle, fascia, bone, nervous system, fluidity, response to movement, energy, emotions, life stories…  all the way through, in detail and in totality.

Sensitivity, and perception

I feel things, often with exquisite sensitivity.  With your permission and guidance, I feel your experience: your internal environment, intrinsic movements, and energy; I can often feel your pain quite literally in my own hands; I feel the condition of your nervous system, etc.  I won’t claim to always feel everything that’s most salient for you — I’ll ask for your feedback, often — but I usually feel enough to get us going in an interesting and healing direction.


I am always attentive to the quality of our relationship.  I can’t “do” anything until we are together in a good way, although sometimes simply finding the right way to be together is our work.  Creating healthy relating is always my foundation; and, in my mind, it is the crux of all healing.

aesthetic of a healing art

Furthermore, my work is characterized by…

 — Physically, I bring a sense of the three-dimensionality of structure and movement, and of relatedness between different, even distant areas of the body.

—  Local/global integration:  I track globally, no matter how locally I’m working.  The local may be the detailed fibers between the metatarsal bones in the foot, for example.  The global is you — the person, your overall energy, your connection to the environment.  I look for a way to integrate the local into the global, and to infuse the global into the local.

Is there a limit to how precisely you can go into the local, or how expansively into the universal?  Hmmm…

I look for a way in I like to go deep, but only by invitation and with permission.  There’s usually a sense of invitation, and of what your system wants to show me.  I go with that.

Exploration: I work in the spirit of exploration, not of implementing a modality, or following a technical protocol.  I don’t have an agenda.  I listen to what you tell me – what’s going on, what you want — and then we explore together.  I talk with you about what I’m sensing, and I request your feedback as we go along.

— I’m grounded in the experiential, not in ideology.  You’ll notice that I’m not here trying to “educate” you about ancient healing lineages that I lay claim to, or about philosophical or spiritual belief systems, or even about the subtle fluid dynamics of the craniosacral system.  Either it feels right (good, interesting) to us, or it doesn’t.

— I have an aesthetic of ceremony.  Sessions are rituals.  I like them to have a shape, if possible, arcing towards depth, meaning, and integration.

— I bring maturity and depth of character.  I have broad experience exploring embodiment and healing, and very diverse experiences in life, generally.

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