…to enjoy the pleasures of good bodywork.

Good bodywork feels good.  Often, you relax, feel more vibrant, discover your body in a new way, with greater awareness of its detail, its mysterious insides, and its totality; you feel centered and more in touch with yourself, and your consciousness shifts into a slower and more spacious way of being; you feel light afterwards, and you find resolution to things troubling you, be they physical pains or vital concerns.

If you love being listened to; if you love bodywork that invites you to settle more deeply into your self; if you love how you feel after a good yoga class; then consider coming for a session.

…if you want to feel better physically, or regarding a life issue.

If you are looking for help feeling better regarding a specific challenge to physical health, or help with something that is going on in your life, consider coming for a session.

…to participate in a relationship that’s open to examination.

If you need to spend time with someone who is a willing and well-equipped partner in creating a healthy relationship; who is committed to staying open, non-defensive, and hopeful in the face of challenge, and who has some experience riding the waves of abuse and trauma in a healing way, then consider coming for a session.

…out of curiosity, to explore bodywork’s possibilities!

If you have a sense of the mystery of body-mind integration, are wondering about subtle energies and rhythms, and want to explore the depths of awareness possible in your own body, consider coming for a session.

I am well-suited to highly sensitive people, fellow bodyworkers, and other well-educated consumers.

How can I help?

We can target a specific issue – a challenge to physical or emotional health; or, recovery from trauma such as an accident, surgery, or abuse – or we can just explore.

People on my table have found relief from acute and chronic pain, emotional distress, and existential malaise.  As examples, people have found relief from

  •        sub-clinical pain and anxiety after emergency open heart surgery;
  •        post-traumatic stress after a natural disaster;
  •        arthritic joint pain;
  •        headache;
  •        dissatisfaction with life circumstances.

I’ve worked with issues of women’s reproductive health, and abuse.

People have also experienced profound quiet and rest; greater well-being and aliveness; a sense of discovery; and even, at times, the sense of touching a great mystery.

Sometimes we’ll talk; sometimes we’ll be together in silence.

Sometimes I end a session by playing the harp a bit (which you can request, if you like, ahead of time, to make sure there’s a harp nearby).

Wear loose, comfortable, and preferably natural fiber clothes.  Please let me know if you have cat allergies or other sensitivities.

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